Review: Writing For the Media Professional

A student is not wired to want to take another writing class, and when this lil robot learned she had to take another one, the ugh’s and the “I don’t wanna”‘s ensued. I expected another class where I had to write about things I wasn’t interested in and putting into proper English words.

Writing For the Media Professional – NMC 301 – was not the horrible writing class I thought I was gonna take. This class was about choosing a topic broad enough to be able to talk about the whole term. Luckily, I chose a subject that had to do with my whole life. Research is not my strongest trait, but I got through the rest of the class pretty great.

One of the most important things I learned from media writing is to know your audience. That was probably my favorite part, too. I learned that I didn’t have to polish up my language for people to judge, I was simply informing someone, educatedly, in my own words about a subject I think they should get to know. I tried putting it in words that I understand, and if I bring in the right people, they’ll understand it much the same way, too. I got my inspiration from Thug Notes.

The only work I wish to do on a computer, in my future career, is video

Sharing a precious moment going over how to find good sources.

editing. I know that the sub-categories in media and film are pretty intertwined. One thing that definitely, out of nowhere, connected not only all of my classes, but what I do at my job as well, was interviews. Throughout this whole term (and I know this is not a lot of people compared to some journalists that may have been in my class), I had to interview a total of thirteen people. Eight of which had to be shot (with a camera) and edited.

It was a stressful and time-oriented round, but it was fun, and I really feel like this class set me up to be a more educated informal intellectual. I grasped a lot of really cool ways of thinking. Thanks Alina!


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