Blue Star

Any new media major can tell you how complex and versatile having a creative career path is. Bein in this major slowly but surely leads you to many opportunities. “I feel like I can pretty much do anything with a media degree,” says new media major, and a good friend of mine, Astraea Vanderlinden.

Astraea and I sat in the deserted Memorial Union commons area to talk about life, liberty, and the creative struggle. Astraea has pursued a bundle of creative works in music and even fashion. Though the creative student might want to try and do it all, Astraea has learned to sort out her priorities. “I’m super interested in fashion,” she admits, “I was an apparel design for a brief little bit, but then I decided I love fashion, but I don’t think I want it as a career.”

Partnered with her interest in the arts, Astraea also has a soft spot for the sciences having been a biology major when she first got to OSU. “I was always interested in science and art, so I started with biology, and that didn’t work. And then I thought I’d do something creative and then that didn’t really work, so I chose middle ground.” We giggle.

Finding that perfect intersection of your passion and what can ultimately help you out in the future is the most satisfying thing in the world, and judging by the comfort Astraea has when talking about this, she’s found her niche. Astraea’s sustainable living research for her Writing for the Media Professional class says she’s got it all figured out. “I’m just kind of surrounded by [sustainability] and I think doing media for that kind of business can help everyone lead this kind of lifestyle. This is just the beginning groundwork.”

Beginning groundwork or global expansion, we look forward to hearing more from you, Astraea!


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